Reaching the top

November 7, 2018

Feeling like my heart  is a magnet these days. Each day my practice is filled with gratitude and love as I charge my heart to attract abundance and joy. 15 years ago I met one of my business super soul mates Jigme Love. Jigme and I started dreaming and creating right away together. From our first collaboration, Jigme’s first business a line of clothes from recycled scarfs and my vintage mannequin sally from one of my first business plans,  a vintage clothing store. We did a photo shoot and encouraged and empowered each other to reach for our dreams.

From there we both grew and evolved with Jigme attending Morocco school of business to do her MBA and I went on to inspire our youth in education. As we grew we never lost touch. Our love and desire to be our own #girlboss and to create empires was never lost. In 2014 both Jigme and I opened our first brick and motor businesses. MINE & YOURS and INNER REVOLUTION YOGA STUDIO. The whole time cheering each other on and problem solving when we needed to. It is with great excitement that I get to say that we now 15 years later are collaborating on a whole new level. This is a space of higher level thinkers, visionaries and souls who allgin with their true purpose.  Jigme has created a Master MIND to help others follow and reach the top. The top financially, the top spiritually and  the top level of our potential. November 30th– December 4th she is running a Manifest in Miami retreat. This retreat will bring together super souls  to learn, transform, and connect. She has asked me to come and guide their morning rituals through meditation, yoga and practice.