December 26, 20160

We chose to have the theme service for December because of it meaning. To serve or be of service means giving without attachment to the outcome. When we give just to give we are aligning with our true purpose and we will receive for this service. The problem we face in our generation and the generations behind and in front of us is that there is this feeling of entitlement for everything we do. Our society and culture has created wants which translates and engages the ego. When we work hard and want something the ego creates this linear lower thinking of attachment to the object or thing. If it works out and we get the object or thing of desire, we feel an immediate short term sense of fulfillment. If it works out and we do not get the object or thing we feel a sense of entitlement that we deserved that, it was ours we worked hard. This way of thinking is a disservice to ourselves and others. First we will never truly feel fulfilled by any attachment and learning this lesson can take some very traumatic forms. Second, learning to be of service and to give service has some amazing effects on the individual and the people around them. First when you give like this you get back the same or more of that service in one form or another. It may not be what you see as equal in monetary value but in true energy state it will be energetically equal. Practice service daily to raise your vibration and get more out of your life.

-With the daily intention of service

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