Shadow Dancer

January 31, 2019

I recently stumbled upon a new activity of shadow work that I would like to share. This has been a practice of mine since I started to move and notice my shadow but it was until recently that I dug a little deeper and realized that this is a great activity to help people move out of their comfort zone and into understanding what shadow work is.

First let me explain what shadow work is. Our shadow is our dark side. A Shadow represents a term for everything we cannot see in ourselves. To work on our shadow means to bring new awareness or light into our dark side. Learning about the part of ourself that we cannot see. Exploring this part of ourselves can help us continue the shift into an awakened state. This activity is all about noticing your physical shadow and begin to dance with it. Letting go and embracing our shadow.


Step one: Find your shadow

Find some sun light or lights so that you can see your shadow.

Step Two: Turn on some dancing music

Step Three: Dance

Start dancing and observe how your shadow moves as you dance.