Shifting exponentially

January 9, 20180

We are reading a book on abundance and it talks a lot about exponential growth in areas like information, communication, technology,  and education.  For our next blog it is key to understand what exponential means.

What does exponential mean?

It means the rate of increase becomes quicker and quicker as the thing that increases becomes larger. For example if we exponentially speed up the time it takes us to learn something new, then every time we learn something new it takes us a shorter amount of time. We are then able to absorb and download more information.

For example:

1-2 pieces of information

2-4 pieces of information

4-8 pieces of information

8-16 pieces of information

16-32 and so on…….

One of the ways we can exponentially speed up our rate of learning is to shut off all the noise that is not creating a higher frequency. Then we begin to shift exponentially.

Some examples of external noise might be;

Social Media

Cell phone







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