The check in

May 16, 2018

I do this wonderful exercise every hour on the hours. I set up my phone to give me an alert that it is time for me to check in. This exercise is particualrly helpful when you are in a reactive and stressful state. The purpose of this check in is to see what brain state you are in. If you are not aware of the states of the brain please read the post before this on brain states.

When your timer goes off find a quiet place to stand or sit. Begin by checking in with your breath and notice which brain state you are in; reptilian, mammalian, or neocortex. Then if your state is in the lower centre start this exercise;

Notice what one of these feelings comes to your first; ANGER,FEAR, GUILT, SADNESS

Then say:

I am angry because

I am scared because

I am guilty because

I am sad because

Then say:

I am grateful because

I am happy because

I am safe because

I am proud because


This simple yet profound expertise can help you move from your lower centre brain to your higher centre. In turn you will feel better, perform better, and have more ease in your day!