The CrossROAD

December 16, 20160

Last week I went for a walk in the woods to clear my head. I wanted to enjoy the snow fall and work on my walking meditation. On my journey there were many paths to take. Like life I choose one but on this journey there were many options to move onto another path, stay on the same one, or break new trail. I felt very confused today about where I should be going. Should I stay on this path, try a new path or break new path. About mid way through my walk at yet another crossword I realized I had a meeting. I had glanced at my phone in the car before I got out but choose to leave it behind. I remember the time being 2:19. My meeting was at 2:30 and I was in the middle of the woods. I panicked and was propelled into the future. I could not decided which way to go…finish the path I was on or go back or break trail to get out faster. I went back and forth and decided to take the same path back. I then realized there was nothing I could do. I started to really become present in this space and like life there are so many paths that have been traveled on. We choose our path. We create our own space. Time is an illusion. If you want more of it create space for it. This is what I did and without attachment or expectation to any outcome. I walked on the path in the woods and became more present then I have ever become before. The difference was that I became present without attachment. I reached the end of my path and back to my car and got to my meeting on time. The lessons here are:
1. Choose a path and allow it to open without attachment to any outcome.
2. You create space and time.
-We all have crossroads. What path you choose will determine the outcome.

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