The Grace of Light

May 25, 20160


On our journey one often finds themselves in dialogue and exploring what love is, what love feels like and looks like. We find this theme everywhere in music, art, poetry, media and in our own homes. We learn about love at a very young age as an infant if we are not loved and touched by love in some way we die. We watch our parents and how they love each other and we learn about love through observation. When we begin to express love we look for signs of that love returning back to us. We may even find ourselves rejected by love and begin to feel the pain that the dark side of love can create. In many of our journeys love becomes our own personal agenda. This attachment to love can create a very strong dark side where jealously, pain and anguish dwell and darken the heart. If we begin to look and feel love from a true space of light, then we start to tap into our devotional love. The love of our own spirit. The love of others spirits. This light brings us grace.

Practice: Breathing in love all the way into your head and all the way down to your toes. Bring into your attention something or someone you love and notice if it is a dark love or a light love. Just bringing awareness into your love energy will help you tap into this true space of light.

-Written with the intention of devotional love.

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