The pattern

May 29, 2019

The work has been paying off as I have more awareness of my inner and external environment. The first thing I notice is when I miss a ritual or routine that provides my body and soul with a grounding I am less grounded and more affected by the external and internal environment. For example if I miss my asana practice my body gets charged with energy and releases it through continuous thoughts. My mind takes over and I become less aware. It is in this point of unawareness or we could say sleep that my pain body sees a entry pathway. The pain body then uses my mind as a gateway and then the cycle of seek pleasure and avoid pain begins. How do I seek pleasure? Sex, Food at another point in my life it was drugs and Alcohol. If I am in full awareness my practice keeps me grounded and the sprit rooted to keep the pain body from taking over. How many of us are in this cycle? This is our work. First set the attention to pay attention to your patterns or pain body. With this will come awareness and then open up to receive your divine gift of connection to the universal conscious.