Unlocking the heart

January 8, 20180

The keys to unlock your heart:

  • Trust in the process: In order to live and follow your heart one of the key tools is to trust in the process. Let go of expectations and how you think it should go and trust.
  • Practice mindfulness: Part of the heart experience rests in the present moment. In order to be present, one must practice. Mindfulness is a wonderful way to work on moving more into the present experience.
  • Speak with your highest self: Our voice is a very powerful tool. Think before we speak negatively or judge others. Allow our words to be positive vibrations of our heart.
  • Collaborate with heart centered beings. Find those around you that are living from the heart and tribe up with them. Allow your tribe to grow and expand with others following their hearts.
  • Follow the path of least resistance: As easy as this sounds many of us like to stay in resistance. The resistance seems familiar and known to us. We fear the unknown and many of us believe that life is this way, negative, hard and full of resistance. Once we begin to move away from this path and move toward a more fluid heart centered path everything begins to open and flow.

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