Unlocking your Inner Balance

March 1, 20160

On our path we as humans want to feel balance. We gravitate to people who balance us out. We can eat certain foods and exercise to balance our bodies. Balance is necessary on a cellular level to survive. If we connect and work at balance daily, we can find inner balance. This inner balance speaks to us by emotions. We feel happy and complete then chances are we have found inner balance. But how do we stay balanced. In our lives we are being thrown different energies all the time. Not only do we have those internal forces like emotions and to do lists within us but we also have external forces from others like our friends and family and then even more external of the universe such as weather and hours in the day. So the question becomes how do we do it? My belief is that a practice of something that connects you with your spirit will provide this balance. A practice is something that you do everyday. A devotion to something but the key is it has to be a spiritual connection. This spiritual connection acts as a pendulum in the cosmos. Moving and guiding around all these internal and external forces upon us. This is what I call cosmic grounding. This spiritual practice helps you tune in to your higher self. This higher self has and holds all your answers. This higher self is the key to your inner balance.

Written from a path of inquest and discovery.

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