What does it mean to be safe?

January 30, 2019

In my recent self work I have been given the opportunity to see a part of my shadow that will eventually run me into the ground if I do not work with it. Little did I know that my base vibration from childhood has been one of high alert. I truly do not know what it means to be safe. Nor do I understand why one would want to feel safe? This is the work. To understand a feeling of safe and balance so that my body, my mind and my spirit can create, love, and serve forever. To me all I know is how unsafe feels. This is my norm and has been. When I walk into any new space I am hyperaware of smells, sounds, touch, tastes and sights. I find the details in my environment a tool in which will help me gain more understanding. Trusting that my gut and my insight for survival will keep me in the universe. Explore this topic in your own vibration.

What does safe mean to you?

Do you feel safe?

What makes your feel safe?