What is Dhāraṇā?

June 1, 2020

June Theme 

This month we take a look at concentration or DhāraṇāDhāraṇā, the sixth limb of yoga, is “holding,” or concentration, and refers to the ability to focus exclusively on one object.
Dhāraṇā is translated as “collection or concentration of the mind”, or “the act of holding, bearing, wearing, supporting, maintaining, retaining, keeping back, a good memory”, or “firmness, steadfastness, …, certainty”

Some of the benefits of improved concentration are the ability to focus your mind, ability to choose your thoughts, peace of mind, better memory and inner strength.

Here are some ways you can improve your concentration;


Increase the strength of your focus gradually. Practice holding concentration on one object daily.

Build your willpower by practicing holding concentration everyday.


Practice mindfulness throughout the day. 

Exercise (your body). 

Memorize stuff. 

Read long stuff slowly.

Stay Curious

Practice attentive listening