What is the 21 days of Motivation?

March 26, 2019

Working with a challenge can create resistance and movement into the false self the ego. Having others compete each other only works inside the ego and can create feelings of resentment anger as well as push people to perhaps do more than they can physically in terms of a yoga challenge. Our intention is to help create a practice and community that supports each other instead of against each other. A community that fosters spirit and collaboration instead of ego and separation. We feel 21 days is a perfect way to help develop a healthy practice of balance and nutrition. We want to offer motivation instead of challenge. We want our community to encourage each other instead of hope that they others do not show up.

In designing this 21 days of motivation we are looking for feedback and support. This is new to the western yoga world and would love your input.

In 21 days you will be supported with more classes on our schedule to make it easier to fit it yoga into your day. You will be supported with a weekly checklist from Wholesome Heart Nutrition to help you nourish your body. All you have to do is show up! Not only will you be rewarded with a stronger connection to your gut, body and spirit you will also be entered into a draw each time you make it to your mat. At the end of the 21 days names will be drawn for nutrition programs, gift cards and yoga passes.

Slowly when we begin to change the way we use words and labels we can begin to shift our mindset and begin to think in collaboration instead of separation.