Why not to set a New Years Resolution

January 3, 2020

When we set a resolution it is proven that very little of us stick with it. Why is this so? Well when we set a resolution we are looking at the negative. We are looking to change something about us, fix our body for example by loosing weight. Then once we loose that weight we will be happy. The problem is we are already perfect. We need to recognize what is great and amazing about ourself and then create more of that. This way we focus on things that we are already doing. When we shift our energy in this way we are 99% more likely to follow through. In yoga we call this a Sankulpa. We look at our intentions the way we want to feel and then we focus on what we are already doing to achieve this feeling and do more of that. So this year do not set a New Years resolution. Set an intention on creating more of the wonderful things you are already doing!