Inner Revolution is a yoga studio that nurtures the whole person from a total wellness perspective.

Wellness is:

Physical – body
Emotional – feelings
Intellectual – cognitive
Psychological – thoughts
Spiritual – connecting


Brenna Bellhouse

Brenna’s journey with Inner Revolution began five years ago when she opened her first Yoga studio in Dunrobin, Ontario. She became so inspired by the healing benefits of Yoga, she began hosting night classes in her home studio. After finding success with the classes, and feeling the support of her loving husband, Brenna sparked her Inner Revolution. And she’s only just begun.

“After years of creating balance and inspiring wellness, my vision has turned into reality.”


We believe there are three keys to harnessing your own Inner Revolution:

Our Commitment

To speak passionately, act thoughtfully, and connect the mind, body and spirit through yoga.

Our Mantra

Balance, Passion, Beauty

Our Vision

For every member of our tribe to radiate inner beauty and inspire wellness in others.