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March 20, 2019

In this evolution of human beings we need to heal. Our healing process needs to be balanced with passive and active healing.

Active healing is healing that takes physical and mental effort. Some examples of active healing are psychotherapy, breathwork, exercise, somatics, meditation. All these forms require mental and or physical energy from us to get the energy moving. Active healing is hard work as not only do we have to bring up the stuff we need to heal but we have to actually do the work to heal it. We have to sit with it, breath with it, talk about it. This active work is important to the awareness of what we need to heal. If we do not have awareness then we cannot reach the level of healing we need.

Passive healing balances out the active physical and mental work. With passive healing we take a softer approach. We let our bodies and mind relax and the the healing done comes from that relaxed state of our brain and our body. Some examples of passive healing are sound meditations, guided meditation, yoga nidra, restorative yoga. Passive healing requires you to let go which can also be very difficult for many of us. This letting go of the work or the attachment to the pain body is what passive healing is all about.

March 19, 2019

In my current meditation practice I have revamped my approach. I have decreased the length of time from 33 min to 24 min and I am taking a deep dive into the layers of awareness one moves through in meditative states. My intention is to notice what state I am in and refine it. Notice which state I have difficulty with and approach this state with inquiry and creativity. In the last 2 weeks this is what I have found.

State one: Relaxation in the body and the mind

If you are to relaxed you cannot enter the next state. If you are to alert and contracted you can not enter the next state.

State two: Focus on the breath

The next state is one of focused attention on a seed. For me I have been using my breath and my solar plexus to focus my attention on. The key in this state is to focus on awareness on the inhale and let go on the exhale. That awareness of when the mind wanders and then let it go. If one can stay focused and relaxed then we can enter the next state of Inquiry.

State three: Inquiry

State three is the deep internal reflection of our inner self. This state shows us a replication of where we are on our journey. In this state if we can remain relaxed, focused and see thy self as is we can reach states of clairvoyance and telepathy. The key again is not to react to these states but stay relaxed and focus.

The key to meditation is constant refinement of your state until there is no state just oneness.

March 18, 2019

Recently I have been working a lot with my shadow of guilt and shame. Friday it became clear to me that it was time to let this cycle go. The universe has spoken.

The danger of not being present and in emotions that no longer serve us are real. On Friday I had kindly asked a gentleman not to smoke in front of the yoga studio door. He understood and moved away from the door but I felt guilt and shame for expressing my truth. This is a deep wound and as I walked to my car engulfed in this guilt and not present, I opened my car door into my head. Immediately I was brought back to the present moment. Blood and tears gushed from my eyes and my third eye had been cut open. My response to this situation is to release my guilt and shame. I look at it like this, If I scar then this is a reminder to not hold onto the guilt and shame. If the cut heals then I have released the guilt and shame.

Forever grateful for all the experience I have on this planet.

March 14, 2019

In my recent practice I have been introducing prayer and gratitude to others and myself. This ancient practice has been being studied in medical schools all around the world. The power of prayer is undeniable and scientifically proven to heal and transform in ways we cannot even imagine. The key to the power of prayer is authenticity. When we believe what we are praying for has a positive effect then the result will prove correct. Can you imagine if we all prayed for peace or to end world hunger? If we all believed prayer would change the world we we all pray? Here is a small prayer you can do daily to help shift our world.


  1. Connect to your breath.
  2. Connect to the vibration of love and gratitude in your heart.
  3. Breath in and feel that vibration of gratitude and love.
  4. Breath out and send that vibration of gratitude and love to someone you know that needs it. (A loved one, friend, children in need, to parts of the world that are starving or suffering)

Research on the power of prayer


March 13, 2019

My belief is as we enter this new dimension of consciousness  or as some call it a new earth our need for alternative medicine and energy are central to our evolution. The old system that looks at parts and labels our illness and prescribes us a medication that removes us from our blocked energy are making little effect on our evolution. The old methodology is serving us less and less. The new methodology of feeling our blocks (Somatics), breathing (Breathwork & Pranayama) , hearing (Sound Healing), Meditation & Mindfulness are moving in to work and heal in collaboration with the old methods and as a community.

March 12, 2019

My third breathwork circle was different. This form of active healing is hard and I always have some resistance towards this work because it pushes my boundaries. In a breathwork circle you feel what you need to release and many of us spend our lives trying to not feel what we need to release. Breathwork brings up what we hold deep in the energy of our bodies. Every circle is a different experience. The last circle I did it was love that was released. Love & compassion for myself and the healing journey I am on. It was a beautiful exploration of the deep love and compassion that I hold in my body. The infinite amount of love and space that connects me to my heart. Healing does not always have to be difficult. This experience has proved to me that healing can be beautiful loving and kind. I look forward to my next circle as these circles have become a part of my journey.

March 11, 2019

Group healing is an ancient practice. When we heal in groups our energy moves and opens in ways that individual healing cannot reach. In this new earth we are whole. Working in collaboration is power. Working as a holistic being is healing. Inner Revolution is focused on supporting monthly healing groups in alternative medicine and energy. Our space is intimate unique and sacred. If your current state of being is not serving you to your highest self give a healing circle a try.

March 8, 2019

Today on my walk in nature I became more aware. My walk today was on the frozen river. The river was coated with snow but the top layer of snow was frozen solid. The sun was beaming down on the ice covered snow. I was instructed by my intuition (the brain in our gut) to close my eyes half way and continue to walk. As I closed my eyes and gazed at the sun light snow I saw a galaxy. The swirls of light mixed with the darkness shifted and transformed at every glance. I knew this was my home. The feeling in my belly was my truth. As I opened my eyes to look I could no longer see this galaxy only with my eyes half open was this available to my sense of sight. It was at this point that I became more aware. More aware that I was only half awake. This sparked joy, acceptance and enthusiasm in my energy field all at once I was illumined to my full truth. My consciousness shifted and I aligned with the fabric of our universe. This teaching of awareness gave me more insight and power to awaken. I have hopes of doing this walk again but with grandmother moon.

March 8, 2019

This is the universal field in which all beings on earth are connected. This is the grid of energy that surrounds our earth’s atmosphere. This energy field connects everything to everything. When we align our energy with this field we find ourselves in a state of flow. When we become fully awakened we connect to this grid and our life becomes lucid and dream like.