What is the 8 fold path?

February 6, 2018

In Yoga we use a unstructured path called the 8 limbs of yoga to guide us towards our higher self. This path is to help and support us on our journey. Each of the 8 points calls us to reflect and act with our highest self. This month we are exploring one of the Niyamas.

A Niyama is something that we can do to help us lay a stronger foundation for our journey. For the month of February we are exploring Saucha. Saucha (purity) : Helps us return to the core of our being.  Tuning in with our inner purity and our true purpose. IN our yoga practice we can practice saucha by creating an intention for our practice, an awareness to clear and purify our thoughts by using breath works, mudra or mantra.

Blessings on your journey