Inner Revolution is a yoga studio that nurtures the whole person from a total wellness perspective.

Wellness is:

Physical – body Emotional – feelings Intellectual – cognitive Psychological – thoughts Spiritual – connecting


Brenna Bellhouse

Brenna developed a love for movement and spirituality at a very young age, and began practicing Yoga regularly in University. At the age of 8 her parents enrolled her in a buddhist meditation practice.  After finishing a degree in Physical Education & Religion at McGill she began developing expertise in personal training, Yoga and spinning instruction, Brenna became a professor at Algonquin College where she taught leadership, psychology, and fitness. This unique blend of psychological and physical knowledge qualifies Brenna to guide both groups and individuals through several categories of self-improvement. For Brenna yoga is a journey of self-discovery. Yoga helps us become more aware of the quality of our thoughts and thus an observer of our patterns. Brenna continues to learn on this journey of self-discovery by studying Ayurveda and the lessons it has to teach. Brenna’s favourite style of class is the class that focuses on grounding and centring allowing her to move with her breath. The vision of Inner Revolution Yoga Studio Inner Revolution started out as an idea to bring yoga and spinning together. As a spin and yoga teacher, Brenna found so many benefits of practicing yoga after spin class. The name was Inner Revolution as yoga was the inner and revolution was the turning of the wheels. As the vision grew and came into reality the inner revolution was really about the change and revolution of what was happening inside of Brenna’s heart. A softening a fight against the ego. As Brenna continues to heal her inner revolution is turning into peace and joy. As she creates a sacred space for others to find their inner revolutions!


We believe there are three keys to harnessing your own Inner Revolution:

Our Commitment

To speak passionately, act thoughtfully, and connect the mind, body and spirit through yoga.

Our Mantra


Our Vision

For every member of our tribe to radiate inner beauty and inspire wellness in others.