Hear what our clients have to say!

Jenna Sommerville

“Brenna as a instructor was inspiring, encouraging, motivated and awaking. Bootcamp yoga was really enjoyable. It was a great combination of yoga and a more intense workout. It taught me lots about my strengths and weaknesses. I really look forward to doing it again. As for my revolution- yoga brings me to my happy place.. My intention in life is to be peaceful and happy.. yin yoga brings me there and I try to carry that throughout my everyday life. My breath has helped me throughout many challenging times in life.“

Caroline Pignat

“A diverse experience in education, a vast knowledge of personal training and fitness programs, and an innovative, entrepreneurial drive — who better to lead teachers, parents and kids on the road to lifelong fitness than Brenna Bellhouse? As a teaching colleague and a fitness client of Brenna’s, I have been inspired by her enthusiasm, wisdom, and commitment to her passion. She walks the talk and her personal and professional successes are proof of that. Brenna is motivation personified.“

Debi Rosati

“Brenna is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with her students, she brings a nice balance of her fitness training background to personalize her yoga teachings. She connects well with her students and helps fosters their own yoga practise so they can go deeper and become more mindful. I feel very fortunate to have connected with Brenna and know that my yoga practise has been enriched through her teachings.“

“I have had several personal trainers in the past, and for years was only moderately pleased with the results I was getting. When I started training with Brenna, I saw changes in my fitness and appearance in just a few weeks. As a trainer, Brenna is very passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. Her high energy and positive attitude make you feel like you are her most important client. She knows exactly where to press in to take you to the next level. Brenna is knowledgeable about nutrition and principles of wellness, and is a great motivator. I highly recommend her!“

Kanata Chiropractor

Dr. Erin McLaughlin

Stephanie Vencec

“Brenna has received many praises from students at Blue Bamboo Yoga for her soothing yet challenging classes. Her personal training background was key in teaching some of our specialty classes such as Iron Yoga. Brenna continues to show her passion for teaching and that positive energy is transferred to her following of students.“

Irene Langlois Interiors

“Brenna brings a solid background in fitness to her yoga which challenges you in new ways. At the same time, she is quick to offer modifications so that each person can participate at a level they are comfortable with. Thanks Brenna for your support and encouragement.“

Peggy Feltmate

“I looked forward to my training session, even though it is very early in the morning! I feel healthier and stronger since I started working out with Brenna. I would recommend Brenna to anyone that is looking for encouragement, challenge and a fitter body.“

“Brenna is clearly a personable, knowledgeable and competent fitness and yoga instructor. Her technical knowledge provided me with clear direction and very helpful to know what my possibilities I can create with different positions. She is a confident and excellent instructor because of the qualities noted above. She exhibits a level of trust that puts you at ease as well as pushing yourself to try and achieve what she is directing us to accomplish.“

Michelle Pert