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April 19, 2019

Vrttayah Panchatayyah Klishta Aklishtah

There are five kinds of fluctuations in the mind and they can be painful or painless.

Pain or pleasure. These fluctuations are stimulus to the body and the brain. These fluctuations of pain and pleasure move deep in our energetic patterns and cause all kinds of suffering.

Sri Swami Sachidananda (yoga master and translator for the Sutras) comments that we can steer the mind away from painful fluctuations by focusing on thoughts that bring us to peace. The mind’s job is to jump from thought to thought. This is how it grows and develops, especially in the early stages (think of the easily-distracted attention of a young child). Quieting the mind takes practice. Before we get adept at emptying the mind, we can take intermediate steps. One such step is avoiding indulgence in selfish thoughts by allowing complete indulgence in selfless ones. Selfish thoughts will usually end in pain. Selfless ones have a stronger potential to bring us peace.

April 18, 2019

vritti sarupyam itaratra

When one is not in Self-realization, the Seer takes on the identity of the fluctuations of mind.

When we are not in present moment state we are engaged in the identity (ego) of our mind. Our thought patterns take over us whirling us into past and future experiences.

April 17, 2019

tada drashtuh svarupe ‘vasthanam

[by quieting the mind] Then the seer abides in its true whole and unchanging essence of itself peacefully.

This sutra speaks to slowing down our mind and the constant chatter that moves through it. When we can practice stillness in our mind it is then when we can see the whole picture. This interconnected web we exist in.

April 16, 2019


Yogash citta vrtti nirodha:

Yoga is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations, of the mind.

When we think about yoga our mind wanders to body movements but that is only a small piece of what yoga is. When yoga is practiced we can modify the way our mind perceives its experiences. We can move into the present moment and allow that to be yoga.

April 15, 2019

April 12, 2019

Here are some examples of high frequency emotions that can help shift your mindset. Tuning into the higher frequencies can help the mind and body find peace.








April 11, 2019

Our heart is one of our 3 major brains. This brain is the power of the soul. The heart pumps and brings O2 and removes C02 from our body creating this pulse of life inside of us. Using this brain to create a frequency of healing for ourselves and others is at our core. Using the heart to charge our breath can create healing.

How to do the heart charged breath;

  1. Start by inviting gratitude into your breath. Begin to feel gratitude in every cell of your body.
  2. Keeping that feeling of gratitude, INHALE with the intent of bringing the breath through the heart charging it with gratitude.
  3. EXHALE back through the heart and send it into a place in your body or mind that needs this vibration.

April 10, 2019

Space is essential for growth. If we have no space we cannot grow. Creating space can be done by using the energy of or breath. Here is a technique you can use to create space in your body.

  1. Start connecting to mindful inhale & exhale
  2. Scan your body to bring awareness to areas that need space in your body
  3. Focus your exhale on each place that needs more space
  4. Feel the breath move into the space
  5. Feel the breath open the body

April 8, 2019

As we move deeper into peeling our layers away to find our truth we experience different forms of therapy. We hear or meet someone and we learn about a new technique that we eventually start to implement into our healing.  This is what happened when I heard about Body Talk. Body Talk is a form of energy work in which the healer or guide talks to different parts of your body, by holding my right wrist she listens to my bodies response and then begins to ask my body to reconnect or release different pathways. I have now been to 4 sessions and each one has provided me with more understanding and connections to my body. As many of you know I have PTSD and lots of trauma. Over the years I have worked so hard on the mental body healing now my body is ready to heal. One of the amazing things about our bodies is that it is a storage house for everything we see and do. Our trauma patterns and connections are stored in our bodies so the next logical step to healing is to release the old patterns in our body. Here is my experience with my 3rd Body Talk Session.

During my third session I experienced my heart breaking open. My body brought me back to my dad’s unconditional love when I was a child. This memory  was harnessed back by remember a phone call we had a few weeks ago. I was struggling and I called my dad. The experience of having my dad listen and send me unconditional love sent a signal to my heart to open and feel. Then when I allowed this my body started to refire, twitch and tremble and releasing the blocked energy that was trapped in my heart.  Over the next few weeks patterns that I held began releasing years of muscle contracting.


When we are open and when we allow we heal.

Om Nama Shiva