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May 22, 2018

We went out of town this past long weekend and it was so great just to be with my family. I love my family so much and when we can just be it allows us to connect deeper and really get to know each other. Another part of what I love, being out of town is the chance to go and visit other yoga studios. I had a chance to practice the primary series with Daniel at Bliss Yoga studio in Barrie. It was such a delightful studio with an amazing view. I can’t wait to go back!

May 17, 2018

On of the things that can overwhelm me with anxiety is having a lot to do. With so much going on our lists can pile up and leave us feeling like there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. To help our brains organize all the things we need to do it helps calm the brain when we can create a list and prioritize what is important. A simple chart in order of importance or a priority matrix can help ease the brains response to shoot us into our mental list. It helps us get it out and when it is out the brain can relax.

May 16, 2018

I do this wonderful exercise every hour on the hours. I set up my phone to give me an alert that it is time for me to check in. This exercise is particualrly helpful when you are in a reactive and stressful state. The purpose of this check in is to see what brain state you are in. If you are not aware of the states of the brain please read the post before this on brain states.

When your timer goes off find a quiet place to stand or sit. Begin by checking in with your breath and notice which brain state you are in; reptilian, mammalian, or neocortex. Then if your state is in the lower centre start this exercise;

Notice what one of these feelings comes to your first; ANGER,FEAR, GUILT, SADNESS

Then say:

I am angry because

I am scared because

I am guilty because

I am sad because

Then say:

I am grateful because

I am happy because

I am safe because

I am proud because


This simple yet profound expertise can help you move from your lower centre brain to your higher centre. In turn you will feel better, perform better, and have more ease in your day!


May 15, 2018

We as human beings have 4 brain states that we move through on a continue basis. We all move through each one and may stay in one state for longer periods of time. The 4 states we experience are:

2 Lower centres of the brain:

  1. Reptillian Brain: At this level we are consumed by stress, fear and anxiety. We are in fight or flight ready to react.
  2. Mammalian: At this level we are still anxious and have stress but are not consumed by it. We want to connected and be loved and wanted.

2 higher centres of the brain:

The last 2 brain states are the higher centres of the brain and are working in our neocortex.

  1. The first level in the neocortex is where we feel balanced, grounded and present. We are mindfully aware of everything around us and it does not effect us. We can be in this world and not of it.
  2. The second level of the neocortex is where we are again balanced and grounded but there is a glow and a light about us. We are at peace.

May 14, 2018

This month for us is about checking back into our centre. Mental health is very important. Our mental capacity can only operate on high for so long. Checking in with your emotional state is a great strategy to see where you are. Last week I was speaking with a doctor of Heilkunst  and she told me about a training called Emotional Brain Training.  Emotional Brain Training is a program developed at the University of California San Francisco that is based on research from neuroscience, stress science and psychology. It teaches a set of skills that targets our emotional brain. The impact of rewiring our brain through simple activities of turning in to our emotions to rewire our brain is transformative.



May 11, 2018

I have been a mom for 7 almost 8 years now and I could not be happier. Finding balance to be able to run a business and be a mom has been tough but the reason I do what I do is for my family. The love that I have for my boys just grows stronger everyday.

So I have created a list of the things I am most proud of as a mother.

  1. My ability to find balance in work & life
  2. My language and emotional intelligence that I teach my boys with
  3. The flexibility that I have to be present with them
  4. The gift to teach young boys yoga and mindfulness
  5. The ability to say NO when it is not in there best interest

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful moms out there!

May 10, 2018

One of the things about me if you know me and that I LOVE fashion. No not brands and super expensive luxury items but street fashion. In my terms street fashion is wearable fashion that looks cool and is comfortable.  Many of you may not know my past but I had a bit of a run as a stylist and did some design work with some Canadian designers out of Montreal and one of my bucket list items is to design a line of clothes. Now where does all this fit into spirituality, well my style helps lift my spirit. I find excitement and connection to the outfits I create and love to host clothing exchanges and shop at thrift stores working not to create any more waste. When we can feel good in our clothes we add grace. Grace is about being who you are at any moment and always finding the silver lining (which there always is). So lets all find our style and grace. Wake up get dressed and be the best version that you can be!

May 9, 2018

I’m Melissa Howard and I’m on a mission to prevent suicide with my website,

Suicide Risks and Warning Signs

It’s not always possible to tell when someone is contemplating suicide. Many people keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves, a habit that stems from ideas of themselves as a burden on others. However, sometimes there are little clues people unconsciously leave for others letting them know that there are dark thoughts brewing.

Some common warning signs for suicide include:

  • An unusual preoccupation with death
  • Talk of suicide, death, self-harm, or statements such as “I wish I was never born”
  • Accumulation of lethal means such as guns, pills, drugs, or knives
  • Feelings of hopelessness, like nothing will ever get better
  • Guilt, shame, and self-hatred
  • Unexpectedly getting one’s affairs in order, relinquishing prized possessions
  • Social withdrawal
  • Hazardous behavior including drug or alcohol abuse, unsafe sex and reckless driving
  • A sudden sense of calm after a prolonged depression


People with a history of mental illness and addiction are more likely to commit suicide, as well. Depression and mood disorders are considered the number one risk factor. The imbalance of neurotransmitters often lead to the feelings of hopelessness, shame and self-hatred that spur thoughts of suicide. Add drug and/or alcohol use on top of mental illness, and the person loses the inhibitions that can lead to death. Addiction also has a way of causing external problems with family, money and the law. Left untreated, those dealing with drug and alcohol abuse are more likely to take their own life.

Self-Care for Suicide Prevention

If you are at risk for suicide and have experienced some of the thoughts and emotions listed above, you don’t have to deal with these complicated issues alone. If you are not comfortable turning to a friend or family member for help, there are various resources available for those who need to talk about their thoughts of suicide. Many of the people who volunteer for these hotlines have been in situations like yours and they are ready and willing to help.

Beyond talking to someone, there are many ways we can care for ourselves to help ease painful emotions and prevent suicide. Sometimes it is hard to separate from difficult thoughts. There is no need to push yourself to do more than you can handle. The key to self-care when flooded with suicidal thoughts is being kind to yourself and going slow.

Remember Your Strength

Recognize if you have felt these feelings before in the past and how you were able to get over them. You have faced dark thoughts before and will probably come across them again in the future, but you are strong enough to overcome these thoughts and feel better. It may take time, but you’ve done it before, you can do it again.

Drink Some Water

Water is the essence of life. Getting up, pouring yourself a glass of water, and drinking it is a simple way you can care for your body and mind without over-exerting yourself. Water can also help rehydrate you, which helps if you’ve been crying or if you suffer from physical pains or headaches.

Make an Effort to Relax

How you choose to relax is completely up to you. For some people, the act of drawing a bath and cleaning the body helps to ease the nerves. Others like to lose themselves watching a comedy. Meditation is a great way to relax while also exploring your mindfulness practice. Do what feels right to you.





Suicidal people don’t always come out and say what they are thinking, though there are warning signs and risk factors to look out for. People having thoughts of suicide should reach out to friends, family, or some other form of help that allows them to express how they are feeling. Beyond that, people in major depressive episodes should practice self-care to help them get out of the depths of despair. Simple things like drinking water and taking a bath can help them get through the day and make it to another.

May 8, 2018

In searching for the soul we cannot look outwards. The connection to ourself will revel our souls light. When we dig deep we remove layers of ourselves to reach the light. We may take a break and then return to seeking. We may never find what we are looking for. The intent of soul searching is to be where we are without judgment. To help service others and to find and be light.

May 7, 2018

We all have it in us. Find the bliss and release it. What does bliss look like to you? For us connecting to the highest version of ourselves is bliss. We bliss out when we feel connected and grounded in our bodies, in our minds and in our souls. When we can connect to the ground and ourselves bliss feels different. It is not a rush of emotions but a feeling of light and oneness. When we reach for bliss that is more then a short fleeting moment we can find a deeper sense of self. We find the true meaning of our life. We connect deeply  to our awakening.