January 21- March 11 1:00-2:15

Functional Mindfulness Training (FMT)

Functional Mindfulness Training with Brenna Bellhouse, Tatianna Graham and Dr. Robin Beardsley

This 8 week course in mindfulness offers participants a foundation and practice to implement mindfulness and meditation into their lives. Each lesson is broken down bi-weekly for a total of 4 lessons.

Lesson 1
Week 1: What is Mindfulness?
Week 2: Mindfulness in Daily Life

Lesson 2
Week 3: What is Intention?
Week 4: Intention practice

Lesson 3
Week 5: What is a Body Scan?
Week 6: Body Scan practice

Lesson 4
Week 7: What is Gratitude?
Week 8: Gratitude Practice

Investment: $175 plus tax


February 4 & February 11 2:30-6:30

Introduction to Mindfulness in Daily Life

Functional Mindfulness Training with Brenna Bellhouse, Tatianna Graham and Dr. Robin Beardsley

Weekend course:
This introduction course in mindfulness offers participants some insight and practice into mindfulness in daily life. It is condensed from our 8-week workshop into 2 days.

Topics & Practices that will Covered:

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness in Daily Life
Body Scan
Loving Compassion Kindness


August 28 & 29

Functional Yoga Training (FYT)

Functional Yoga Teacher Training is a two-day workshop lead by Tatianna Graham (Physiotherapist, Yoga Instructor) and Brenna Bellhouse (Educator, Yoga Studio Owner). The workshop is geared towards physical education teachers and other teachers who are interested in incorporating yoga into their curriculum. After completing the FYT workshop, teachers will receive an FYT certification and be able to confidently lead their students in a basic physical yoga practice.

The benefits of yoga are tremendous. To name a few, yoga fosters mind-body awareness, physical strength and flexibility, confidence, enhanced sport performance, focus, and improves sleep. Research tells us that there are many positive effects of practicing yoga in schools. There is no minimum age that is required to begin practicing yoga; however, being able to teach yoga effectively and safely is key to truly reap its benefits. This is why Tatianna and Brenna have created this program, as they are passionate about introducing yoga to the school communities and combined they have the expertise and experience to transfer this knowledge in this workshop. If you are a teacher and would like to use yoga with your students, then this workshop is for you.

Investment: $500 plus tax