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October 22, 2019

Empowering service in our youth:

Get them to think about something they are interested in. Then ask them how they could help that interest do a better job at serving the world, earth, others, animals ect.

Teach our youth how to be emotionally intelligent. To respect each emotion as energy not as good or bad. To feel each emotions and to let them go just like they came in. Shaking exercise is a very powerful excursive to fully release any excess build up of emotional energy in our bodies. This comes from our Root or animal instinct.

Find time to be fully present with your child everyday.

Listen to your child when they talk. If you can’t at that moment tell them in a soft tone that you are busy and will listen after.

October 21, 2019

Empowering our youth:

Model the behaviour of service not of spending. Look at the language we use when we want something..Do I need it? Will it help me serve others? Is it a good use of my money?

Let our children and youth fall and learn the hard lessons vs catching them and creating a cycle of wants. For example if your child looses their new toy do not buy them another toy. Let them feel upset, sad, angry. Empower them to feel their emotions not try to push them away.

Teach them how to work for their wants. Empower them to do chores, acts of service…walking dogs, picking up trash ect. Allow them to explore service on their own terms.

October 18, 2019

Entitlement vs Empowerment Teachings:

Entitlement: I deserve and I want and I need

Empowerment: We hold space for what is and We give and we shall receive. To serve is to empower.

October 17, 2019

While visiting NYC last week I had the privilege of looking at something in a different light. After a night of ecstatic dance in Brooklyn I arrived at my New York apartment ready to have a shower after a full 4 hours of dancing. Just as I was about to step into the shower I see a cockroach in the tub on his back moving his legs and tentacles. My first reaction was a scream and panic and then realized that this reaction did not serve me in any way so I decided to take a different approach and had a breakthrough. I had a transmission that every animal I came across in New York city had a lesson to teach me so what was the lesson from the cockroach.

Breakthrough. I was having a full rebirth!

CockRoach; A full rebirth has created a transformation in your body mind and soul. You are now at a level to heal others. Your mobility will come through in the next few days. Stay open.

What is neat about the cockroch is that it is among the oldest and most resilient of insects on the planet. No matter what comes across their path they keep coming back. This makes them a symbol for a long life and rejuvenation. Think about the next time you encounter something that creates fear in you. Can you take a different approach? Can you look at what this fear can teach you instead of being overwhelmed by it?



October 16, 2019

From my understanding of the empowerment from Ribjam Rimpoche: Tibetan Buddhism in Queens New York October 13th 2019.

Bodichitta is in all of us. Finding it means resting in the tiny place of your heart.

Joyful Discipline

Feeling not thinking

Lift up others

Send love to your dark

Teachings spread through sacred dances.

Teachings through creating of mandalas.

Feed people with nourishment from our heats.

Deepen our understanding of healing.

Heal our hearts. Break away from fear.

Empowerment is how we support ourselves and others through the heart.

Treat this space as sacred.

Find joy in simplicity.

The more we can detach from our mind the more we lessen the grip of our minds. Our heart then becomes more accessible.

Send love to all your pain and then once you can do that send love to others pain.

October 15, 2019

On Friday I ventured into Queens New York to the Sherpa Temple where I got to experience Pavarna as well as traditional sherpa community. I was welcomed with open arms and lead down stairs to a buffet of nepalese and bhutanese cuisine. The vegetarian dishes were filled with spices and color. It was a perfect start to my initiation into Tibetan Buddhism. Pavarna is a buddhist holy day celebrated on the full moon of the lunar month.

The origination of Pavarna Ceremony:

In Tibet, where Buddhism began, there is a three-month-long rainy season.  In the time of the Buddha, once during this rainy season, a group of normally wandering monks sought shelter by co-habitating in a residence. In order to minimize potential inter-personal strife while co-habitating, the monks agreed to remain silent for the entire three months and agreed upon a non-verbal means for sharing alms.

After this rains retreat, when the Buddha learned of the monks’ silence, he described such a measure as “foolish.” Instead, the Buddha instituted the Pavarana Ceremony as a means for dealing with potential conflict and breaches of disciplinary rules.

October 14, 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to New York city to receive blessings and empowerment teachings from Rabjam Rinpoche. This week our blog will focus on the different aspects of blessings and empowerments in the Tibetan Buddhist culture. I was grateful to attend Parvarana which will be discussed in tomorrows blog. In this ceremony I was given a blessing from Rabjam Rinpoche a Tibetan Lama on a tour of the USA to spread these empowerments and teachings so badly needed.

Blessings are quite helpful and important in spiritual culture. When we discuss blessings, we speak of certain benefits. Here, Rinpoche mentions three possible types of blessings:

  1. We can purify some obstacles and some bad karma
  2. Our health may improve, or our mind may become a little clearer and our devotion may improve
  3. Sometimes we may have a wish to achieve something—and through the blessings at an empowerment you may achieve that wish faster

October 11, 2019

I will be travelling to New York city to hear and receive teachings from Rabjam Rinpoche. On a rare teaching tour of the East Coast, he will give teachings based on writings and empowerments from terma (spiritual treasures) discovered by the late, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

All the empowerments are from terma (treasure teaching) discovered by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. This is a unique opportunity to receive these teachings directly from his Dharma heir, Rabjam Rinpoche.

My intention is to feel into his transmissions and teachings as well as the spiritual heartbeat of New York City. Learning to become present and be presence amongst the chaos.

October 10, 2019

When our body in inflamed over long periods of time it creates blocks of energy which create a dis-ease. Look at your patterns of thought and where you are holding or blocking your energy. Disease can be healed if we are willing to change the way we think, believe and act.  Open your mind, connect to your heart and heal your body. If we offer on resistance to life we can live in a constant state of grace. This is the state of ease.

October 9, 2019

Here are 7 affirmations that will help you connect to your chakras on a vibrational level;


Root Chakra: I AM

Sacral Chakra: I FEEL

Solar Plexus: I DO

Heart: I LOVE

Throat: I SPEAK

Third eye: I SEE