March 13, 2018

The yamas are our studio theme for March. They are sort of ethical guidelines in how we live our life and how we treat others. They are very personal and can be shaped to what you need to help better guide your direction in your yoga practice off mat.

Satya:  Refers to truthfulness. This practice is about being true to ourselves on and off the mat. When we practice the asanas are we being in the truest form for us in the present movement or are we in our ego. Are we speaking to others with truth or are we coming from our ego in fear. What are our desires? How can we be truthful with them? This practice once refined in our internal environment will echo out into our external environment.


Here are some tips to practice Satya off mat:

  • Meditation chant of I AM I AM (LINK to blog post with this meditation)
  • Reflect on your heart and what is your truth.
  • Practice asana (postures) in truthfulness. This means reflection in each asana to find your perfect pose for that moment. Out of ego into your truth.