March 12, 2018

How to weave the yamas into your practice. This blog will be a 5 part blog breaking down each yama with some tips to help you practice off mat.

The yamas are our studio theme for March. They are sort of ethical guidelines in how we live our life and how we treat others. They are very personal and can be shaped to what you need to help better guide your direction in your yoga practice off mat.

Ahimsa:  refers to nonviolence. This practice can be more then just the physical violence we sometimes see against others but can also be our words towards others and our thoughts towards ourselves. Ahimsa is a great practice in reflecting on our outward words as much as our inward wards.


Here are some tips to practice Ahimsa off mat:

  • Practice self love
  • Practice kindness towards all beings
  • Surround yourself with non violence. This one can be pretty tough as in our society we see violence reflected everywhere from the T.V, Radio and our friends. We can surround ourselves with others and we can choose what we bring into our internal environment. We can choose non violence.